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Muskegon, Michigan


Muskegon, Michigan

Muskegon, Michigan


Muskegon is located on the shores of Lake Michigan in the county of the same name. Situated on Muskegon Lake, which is really the mouth of the Muskegon River, this area was aptly named by French explorers in the late 1600�s from the Indian word: Masquignon, meaning: "marshy river." The first recorded settlers here were Louis Baddeau and Joseph Troutier, who opened trading posts in 1834 and 1835 respectively. With White Pine growing abundantly in the region, many sawmills sprouted up along Muskegon Lake, with 16 being recorded in 1860. The lumber boom was good to the town, and it was incorporated into a village in 1861 and later as a city in 1869.

Today, Muskegon remains on the grow, with a diverse businesses culture and manufacturing base, including everything from paper production to bowling equipment. Fishing and recreation also abound. Beginning in June of 2004, The Lake Express linking Muskegon with Milwaukee, WI with a 2 1/2 hour ferry ride, offering ferry service from spring to fall seasons. There is always plenty to see and do in Muskegon and it is worth the visit!

Muskegon, Michigan     Muskegon, Michigan

Muskegon, Michigan     Muskegon, Michigan


Photos courtesy of: Ken Huisjen

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