Stephenson, Michigan

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Stephenson, Michigan


Stephenson, Michigan

Stephenson, Michigan

Stephenson, Michigan

Photos courtesy of:
Debbie Hubbard

For the latest local information read UPbeat by H. Barb Upton.

Welcome to Stephenson. People like our city because we have no world's most famous, largest or oldest anything around and no overpriced tourist attractions to waste your money on. There are no hordes of tourists to get in your way. In fact, people you meet will probably ask who you are related to as many of us still believe nobody comes here unless they have relatives nearby.

While here you can pick blueberries, watch wild turkeys and deer feed in the fields, catch lightning bugs in a jar, watch northern lights, bats in the trees, and worship in a church where everyone knows everything about everyone else but they still speak, help and love each other.

Take a dip in the swimming hole in the river at Erickson Park - with bloodsuckers and crabs hiding under the rocks. Survivors can build this into heroic stories for the folks back home. (Fainter hearts may prefer the nearby lake or bay.)

Stephenson has most of the necessities of life. There are restaurants and bars, a gas station and grocery store, tennis courts, horseshoe pits, a golf course, bakeries and barber and beauty shops, banks and a jeweler. There is a movie theater, library, post office, laundromat, hardware stores, variety store and florists. We have churches and schools, a weekly newspaper, parks and campgrounds and a few other things....and people - mostly middle class, some grumpers and lots of smilers. There are thinkers, doers, watchers - good ones and a few bad ones. Most will treat you at least as nice as you treat them.

Please check out the latest photos from the Stephenson area at /city/stephenson/upbeat2.html

The Menominee County Library is located in Stephenson, MI.

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